Sunday, 19 February 2017

Wedding Fayre at Hempstead House Hotel

Something really exciting is happening in the world of Usher Photography.

You will see a new post detailing some amazing new talent, both in the forms of Ushers!

Today, we see a beautiful wedding exhibition at the Hempstead House Hotel in Sittingbourne.
This is  a unique and beautiful venue which gives promise to the most elegant of Weddings.

Wedding season is almost upon us once again for a new year and those who have already celebrated 2017 weddings would have seen it is a great time to get married.

Nice place to write a blog post!

Next year we are likely to be exhibiting further and wider than right now.  If you are a wedding venue offering opportunities of exhibiting, please let us know!

This summer we have 5 talented photographers and videographers working for us.  We are super excited to talk to couples who are keen to get those wedding suppliers booked in! Get in touch and let us know by emailing here

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Wishing you our best attention

The Usher photography team

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