Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Sick and tired of the rain?

Where in the world are you?

In the UK we are experiencing the wettest summer for 250 years!
250 years!!!!

I think I'm right in saying that in the US it's so snowy that even mail chimp have closed their offices!
Stay warm folks, stay warm

During this dark and wet time I thought it was only right and fair that I show you a few photos of quite possibly the hottest place I have been on the earth.  The Sinai desert.  The red sea.  Oh I love them both and miss the tranquility that comes with both.

The photo above is of the sunset in the desert.  The photo below is the sunrise in the Red Sea.  I would love to send you to this place in a visualisation!

Feel free to show me your photos of where you are!

To get more brilliant photo graphic visualisation go see the lovely people at Mind Movies by clicking here *