Sunday, 19 February 2017

New talented photographers

Exciting times!

So as we crank up the wedding bookings at Usher photography I have some exciting news to share with you.  You may know, you may not, but BOTH of my lovely twins are coming towards the end of their course at college and will qualify with photography and videography qualifications.

While I'm not quite ready to hand over the reins of the business just yet and hang up my camera, I am excited to be sharing some work with them.  This means great news for you.

Not only are we able to take on more weddings but the editing software means more beautiful images and more talented individuals means more ideas.

Make sure you let us know your needs this wedding season.  Meanwhile check out the instagram accounts:

We will bring you Jasmines videos soon.  If you fancy being nosey, getting ideas or simply follow our journey as we grow into this new exciting time, hop over and follow us.  Make sure you say hi to let us know you are here!

As explained in the last blog post, we are excited to be looking for places to exhibit next season so please get in touch if you are a venue or supplier who thinks you know somewhere perfect.

Meanwhile, here is another look at some of the images we have created over the years at several of the weddings.

Wedding Fayre at Hempstead House Hotel

Something really exciting is happening in the world of Usher Photography.

You will see a new post detailing some amazing new talent, both in the forms of Ushers!

Today, we see a beautiful wedding exhibition at the Hempstead House Hotel in Sittingbourne.
This is  a unique and beautiful venue which gives promise to the most elegant of Weddings.

Wedding season is almost upon us once again for a new year and those who have already celebrated 2017 weddings would have seen it is a great time to get married.

Nice place to write a blog post!

Next year we are likely to be exhibiting further and wider than right now.  If you are a wedding venue offering opportunities of exhibiting, please let us know!

This summer we have 5 talented photographers and videographers working for us.  We are super excited to talk to couples who are keen to get those wedding suppliers booked in! Get in touch and let us know by emailing here

Don't forget to sign up to this blog by adding your email address and we can make sure you see every post, giving you great ideas for your own wedding!

Wishing you our best attention

The Usher photography team

Monday, 31 October 2016

Want your event photographed but pay a bargain price?

Yes,  the clocks have just changed here in the UK.

Yes, it is very dark here right now early at night.

Yes, people still get married!

My son Nathan is following in my dream of taking photographs.
His twin sister, Jasmine, is currently creating films!

What a family affair this is! 

Nathan is keen to get his hands on his camera and take some super shots of some blushing brides!  Of course, I will be shooting too and this means one thing - massive bargains.
For the next 2 years while he completes his photography qualification Nathan,  Jasmine and I will be offering heavily discounted prices just when you thought you might not be able to afford a wedding photographer.

Of course, this goes for all events too.  Including your corporate Christmas meals!

Jasmines editing on her films is something else! I would LOVE her to edit my wedding video.

So what's the cost?

And you will be excited to know we have slashed these prices in half for shoots with Nathan and I.

Want video too?  The same durations as is on the photography package can be applied for video.

In other words you can get your wedding photography PLUS video for only £400.

Sounds crazy I know  - but we just love weddings in the Usher house (the names were made for this?)

Get in touch by emailing me here. 

Let's talk some more?

Meanwhile, head over to Nathans instagram and see some of his images. 

With kindest regards from all the Ushers.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Majorca 2016

Some of my favourites from this trip. 

I'll write and post more over on my main blog

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Beautiful Majorca

My daughter, a chip off the ol block 

Stunning rugged coastline...

My twins; my heartbeat 💝

Friday, 10 June 2016

Another day in London

Yesterday had its ups and downs.

Scott was in hospital. A down. 

London was looking beautiful. An up. 

Flip flop kind of day. 

Summer sun was out. 

Westminster Cathedral looking spruced up. 

Houses of Parliament. 

Big Ben with hues of red. 

Big Ben.