Sunday, 19 February 2017

New talented photographers

Exciting times!

So as we crank up the wedding bookings at Usher photography I have some exciting news to share with you.  You may know, you may not, but BOTH of my lovely twins are coming towards the end of their course at college and will qualify with photography and videography qualifications.

While I'm not quite ready to hand over the reins of the business just yet and hang up my camera, I am excited to be sharing some work with them.  This means great news for you.

Not only are we able to take on more weddings but the editing software means more beautiful images and more talented individuals means more ideas.

Make sure you let us know your needs this wedding season.  Meanwhile check out the instagram accounts:

We will bring you Jasmines videos soon.  If you fancy being nosey, getting ideas or simply follow our journey as we grow into this new exciting time, hop over and follow us.  Make sure you say hi to let us know you are here!

As explained in the last blog post, we are excited to be looking for places to exhibit next season so please get in touch if you are a venue or supplier who thinks you know somewhere perfect.

Meanwhile, here is another look at some of the images we have created over the years at several of the weddings.


  1. Lovely photographs! My sister is also getting married this year and we have shortlisted some of the nice NYC venues for the pre-wedding photoshoot. I hope we get a good photographer like this. I don’t know this photographer will travel so much for a ceremony.

  2. Hi there, thanks for the comment, obviously we are based across the pond - shame as we would love to photograph the wedding! Keep in touch though and let us know how the day goes x